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19TH May 2011


More Rapture- before it’s too late! Send messages from the great beyond…

To continue the thought of my earlier post the pending (May 21st) end of the world being the beginning of some (short term) ventures, consider… the “Rapture Detector” that Promises Early Warning.

An app promises to give users a 30 minute notice in advance of the “Rapture,” or Judgment Day — the moment, some say this Saturday, Christians believe they’ll ascend into heaven, leaving everyone else in decidedly less pleasant conditions. “Rapture Detector,” promoted by a Reverend Billy Joe Estes, offers an unconventional religious strategy: users are told that “Sin, lust and fornication can be yours again!” because the Detector’s half-hour heads-up provides enough time to repent and join those who’ve been pure all along…

The beginning of the Rapture has been forecast for May 21 this year. Despite the precision of the date, “Rapture Detector” could still prove useful since sources seem vague on the time — like which time zone? Although the app seems aimed at people uncertain of their status on Judgement Day, other services like “You’ve Been Left Behind” target people who expect to be Raptured. For $15 a month, the service will send post-Rapture messages to up to 62 e-mail addresses, perhaps explaining to those left behind where the user has gotten off to. 

Got any more? Time is running out. These things will be cheap as November pumpkins next week.

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