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22TH April 2013

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Start Up // Choate begins in SF tonight

We are kicking off a unique series in San Francisco tonight: Start Up// Choate.

I’ve long remarked how deep the empathy and how good the connections were grown from that school. For some reason the cycle of 10 o’clock curfews, dress codes in the dining halls, room inspections, and deans countering our late-night antics built an espirit among my co-combatants rarely duplicated in my 30 years since. We simply trust each other on another level. And most of us want the best for the school, despite the epic pranks we prosecuted during our time there.

So when I was asked what the School could do to keep up with its tremendous group of entrepreneur alumni, I suggested “do what normal people do”… umm normal to me. In the weeks that followed I’ve realized perhaps, when it comes to mobile, social and networking that I’m just not that normal. My wife reminds me of this regularly. We started a LinkedIn group (now one of the school’s most active) and a twitter feed (we’ll see how that works out) and planned a road show hilighting the best and brightest minds from the Choate universe of StartUps. We’ll do SanFran, Boston, and New York on successive nights beginning with TCV’s Woody Marshall ’86 and Meebo’s (now Google+’s) Seth Sternberg ’97.

Hopefully, we’ll learn about that process of entrepreneurship I have referred to as Discover, Develop, and Deliver.  Interestingly enough, while I think this will become a HUGE benefit for our almni, it is actually our gift back to  Choate. It has long deserved a great start up network. And for for Choaties themselves, who have a great network anyways, this one is finally going on mobile, social and local to press the advantage.

Which seems entirely normal to me. Doesn’t it you?

More from the event later.


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