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23TH April 2013


Start Up // Choate in Boston tonight. San Fran wrap up

Our Host, Sir Michael of Connect Solutions

Our Host, Sir Michael of Connect Solutions

San Fran was a great start last night: Woody and Seth really connected with the audience (Choate said it was a large turnout for these type events) and Michael Fitzpatrick ’93, CEO of Connect Solutions provided a great space.

By the way, check out the photo of Mike: that is what a preppy-techie-CEO-Dr.Evil-Englishman-Founder portrait should look like!

My favorite comment of the night from Seth was on the makeup of founder teams: While he stressed the fact that Eng’s (his abbreviation) had to form the core of the product and it’s build, having a business guy that does the deals/money was also a healthy add. One point we all agreed on: avoid replicants. Having diverghent points of view are key. Last point form the audience was this: consider how “geared” your co-founders are to start a business. It’s a long haul, with plenty of dips.

Woody had an interesting perspective on what skill he learned at Choate that helped him later. While one might think crisis management was the obvious answer, he actually stressed that the communication skills he learned there were the real gem. Being able to be concise and persuasive with arguments has helped enormously in his role as a minority investor.

And Joe’s introduction caught me by surprise: he referred to this as my brainchild, when all I really think of it as the most obvious thing to do: have networking events with good speakers and record the rest online for others to continue the conversation. But, I’ll take credit for it nonetheless.

So, I ‘ll remind those from Choate that are reasding this (sorry, group closed otherwise)… We started a LinkedIn group (now one of the school’s most active) and a twitter feed (at this point twitter’s most inactive account ;)) and planned a road show hilighting the best and brightest minds from the Choate universe of StartUps. We’ll do(ne) SanFran, Boston (tonight), and New York on successive nights.  Boston features Bain Capital’s Jeff Schwartz (P’16), Jeffrey Mullen (Founder and CEO, Dynamics, Inc.) and Michael Holthouse (Co-founder and President, Paranet, Inc.; Angel Investor)

So far,  while I think this will become a HUGE benefit for our alumni, it is actually our gift back to  Choate. It has long deserved a great start up network. And for for Choaties themselves, who have a great network anyways, this one is finally going on mobile, social and local to press the advantage.

Which seems entirely normal to me. Doesn’t it you?

See you on Linkedin and twitter guys…

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