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24TH April 2013

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Start Up // Choate: Boston Strong, New York next.

Panel at Choate Hall

Panel at Choate Hall- great space!

Last week, when putting the final plans together for our Boston stop on the Start Up // Choate Roadshow, the bombs went off. And so we paused, briefly, to assess what it meant and what needed done.

The response that came back from our hosts and panelist pretty much sums up what make Boston unique, and what makes entrepreneurs special. While acknowledging the practicalities of navigating Boston after the bombing, the message came back loud and clear: events like this are what we do as start-ups and Americans. We’re undaunted builders of things. We cherish our freedom of thought, expression, and opportunity. It feels great, and we won’t quit. Let’s go.

And so, in a dense rainy night in Boston we had a great crowd of entrepreneurs on hand to listen to a great panel.

One of my favorite comments from Bain Capital’s Jeff Schwartz (P’16) was embrace your ignorance. It can be a valuable tool. Dream about how to solve problems. Live in the future, and build what is missing.

Jeffrey Mullen (Founder and CEO, Dynamics, Inc.) who is a legit freak of nature (lawyer, EE degree, patent holder, CEO, addicted gamer, nice guy) was around the question of singularity (will we live forever if we live to 2046, per Ray Kurzweil). “Sure, I checked it out- living forever is basically an engineering problem”. And you know, he’s the one person that I believe probably has.

Michael Holthouse former CEO of Paranet (sold to Sprint) added that the “plastics” of tomorrow may well be energy. How we make it, store it, and consume it will become vital to our future sustainability. 

So, I ‘ll remind those from Choate that are reading this (sorry, group closed otherwise)… We started a LinkedIn group (now one of the school’s most active) and a twitter feed (at this point twitter’s most inactive account ;), but getting better ) and planned a road show highlighting the best and brightest minds from the Choate universe of StartUps. We’ll do(ne) SanFran, Boston (last night), and New York (tonight).

So far,  while I think this will become a HUGE benefit for our alumni, it is actually our gift back to  Choate. It has long deserved a great start-up network. And for Choaties themselves, who have a great network anyways, this one is finally going on mobile, social and local to press the advantage.

Which seems entirely normal to me. Doesn’t it you?

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