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17TH June 2014


Start Up Choate rocks Cambridge

Needs better pic

Needs better pic

I spent the evening hosting an event with George Colony at Forrester Research- the man loves challenging questions and informed debate, I learned that for sure.

Before recapping what others may have missed, I want to encourage all Choaties in the start-up universe to join us online and again thank the greater Choate organization for supporting and nurturing this important initiative: tip o’ the cap to Alex Curtis, Dan Courcey, Monica, Selby, Mari, Joe and the rest of the Gang.

Our fireside chat led us a bunch of places, (with plenty of blog snipping below):

What Skills at Choate have helped you as an entrepreneur? (Challenging questioning)

While it seems cart-before-horse for many start-ups,  the importance of Core Values in hyper-growth is legend. Tell us about how Core Values shape Forrester and the 3CIQ (values are a core part of Choate)

How did MicroSoft whiff on Mobile? (We are in the age of the customer, where technology is dramatically accelerating the shift in power from institutions to individuals, forcing organizations to be with their customers as they move through time and space).

Who gets to use Your Data: a offshot of George’s Davos poll on the NSA and Snowden. (If Facebook, Google and AirBnB claim and use your behavior, transaction, and related data, shouldn’t people be permitted to access and use it too? Like a credit score, but for everything else? We’re heading to an opt-in world).

The fingerprint scan on the iPhone 5S. (GS) I don’t believe the tech world has recognized how important this new technology will be. Apple, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft, Samsung, et.al., are in a race to authenticate users — what I have called the “ID Wars”

The Withings Scale.  A great bathroom scale that is WiFi connected. Playing off the old saw, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Oh, and one more, from President Bush: isn’t it amazing the french don’t even have a word for ENTREPRENEUR!

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