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14TH September 2014


Selective outrage and 9/11

Volunteering for Kaboom

Volunteering for Kaboom

I come from New York (lately), where 9/11 has a quasi-holy status, at least among finance and other former WTC area types. Frankly, I don’t book or expect much business from people on that morning. It’s a time to reflect.

But I was in San Francisco this week and did not get any of that vibe. It was the first time I was out of New York on 9/11. Speaking of which, POTUS seemed to have been out-of-town on 9/11 as well. For those few who have discovered my page yet not yet discovered the post, it’s here. POTUS and FLOTUS ended up doing some volunteer service. That’s cool. But it was stuffing backpacks. On 9/11. At a charity called KABOOM.

I’m sure I’ve done as stupid a thing, but not with advisors and handlers to at least ask: is this the right date for this? Like Bad Logos and weird street signs, I always ask myself In situations like this: someone had to have signed off on this. I’d love to have heard the pitch, questions and final explanation. I can’t help to think that, the sensitive PC gang would have crucified (oops, sorry) someone for being so tone-deaf. But in this case… ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun.

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