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19TH September 2014


I call bullsh*t on ‘5 stars’ – rating in the sharing economy

Sharing will grow when (Trust+Safety+Quality=Satisfaction)

Sharing will grow when (Trust+Safety+Quality=Satisfaction)

(San Fran) My Lyft driver is dropping me off at SFO, and my thumb is hover above the stars. He got me here in time. He was chatty, but I was working. His music was cool, but I was working. The car was clean, the ride was smooth. But he swerved to make the exit. He apologized and explained it was his first week.

What to do. What to do. Five stars for the effort.? Four for the near miss? Or three for the swerve? What is a two anyways? And is one a death ride? Where is zero?

Numerical scoring in platforms is not enough.

Everyone has like a 4.2 rating, probably because no one ever wants to give a five, and dead people don’t give zeroes. The funny thing is, the feedback mechanisms in sharing economy transaction paint with too broad a brush. How about looking at actual comments and scraping for sets of phrases and words. How about looking at claims incidences, and the severity of claims as another metric of quality. And how about looking at how that service provider performs in other platforms- because many of the people who make a few bucks here, make a few bucks over there as well.

Which is why I believe that quality deserves a major leg on the satisfaction platform ??? If the on demand economy is going to succeed beyond the early adopters. Who’s with me?

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