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19TH September 2014

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Start Up Choate // Summer Reportcard

GCT Intern Night

GCT Intern Night

It’s been an amazing summer of foundational work for Start-up Choate, and we’re now well positioned for the fall.

Our big program in the summer was the intern program at Grand Central Tech. Conceived and executed in less than one week’s time, the program delivered tremendous learning for over a dozen young alumni looking for jobs in tech and start-ups. Credit Julie Goodyear for getting the word out, and intern #1 Aitran Doan for corralling a great group of young entrepreneurs.

The LinkedIn post is a great on to read from each of the interns, but here are a few summary comments (:::)

To be honest, I am really happy to go to work everyday. It has kind-of been a bizarre intern experience because I don’t even feel like an intern. I am invited to all the meetings, and the team asks to buy me coffee instead of the other way around.

I’ve learned so much more than I thought I would about business and technology, and developed skills in programming, UI design, and usability testing. At the end of the summer my resume will be more complete, I will have a portfolio of material to present to future employers, and I’ll have actual work experience that will prepare me for whatever I end up doing next.

GCT has been great in so many ways. It is super convenient (the office space is literally attached to Grand Central Terminal), and the environment is really friendly, collaborative, and motivating.

Personally, I enjoyed working with the kids on getting assigned to different GCT companies, getting their weekly feedback, and making their experience meaningful. For the fall, we have just secured a great entrepreneur and philanthropist for a fireside chat in November at GCT. More on that announcement shortly.

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