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22TH September 2014


Hey Sharing Economy: Stop Nomenclature Madness

Sharing needs a name. Just one name. Right now, it has like at least five.

Besides the title, I also hear collaborative consumption, on demand networks, platforms, marketplaces, the precariat economy and fuckall whatever. It makes a slide deck really hard to put together.

But at least one other industry went Sybil while it was developing: the web. Or, the World Wide Web. Or was that the internet. Or the inter webs. How about just online. Or digital. Damn I guess this is hard sometimes.

At least mobile was always mobile. Thank god for that.

So, anyways, since I am leading a company that serves millions of participants in the space I should declare my favorite. I’m going with “on -demand economy”, for now. I credit Sherpa ventures for coining it.

I applaud Rachel for all she has done, but Collaborative Concumltion is too many syllables. Sharing sounds nice, but everyone is making money so we’re not really sharing we’re transacting. But I love Neal and shareable. Precariat is just scary- it’s based on the word precarious, which may be true but not a fun reminder. Marketplaces is ok, but it sounds like a farm to table…


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