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29TH September 2014

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Cool ideas from 500 Start Up- Batch 10

And they're good!

And they’re good!

I have the unique experience this summer of being in two accelerators at once- GCT and 500… and hanging out with some pretty cool companies. Here are a few from the 500 Batch 10 (Norte: run by Parker Thompson) that I have spent some time with and deserve a deeper dive:

      1. Mind Your Business recently won App of the Day in NYC. Basically, an its app that uses muni API’s to helps SMB’s by keeping city hall’s hands out of their pockets by monitoring permits, fees, and other neighborhood activity that might affect business.
      2. CareLuLu is categorizing and rating the quality and safety of day care centers. Uh, that’s a good idea.
      3. Lend Square allows locals to lend to locals through their platform. Wow, has lending in Chicago changed since last century!

So DemoDay is three weeks away. Come check the whole batch out if you’re one of those “qualified” people. And here’s some tips for getting into the next Accelerator.

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