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21TH March 2018


Incredulous, Flight #3

Welcome to Incredulous, Flight #3 where we cover more emerging trends and some silly sh*t. In this flight,

Julie P and Me.

  1. Can you trust a banker in jeans? In which we ask… well, did you ever trust a banker in a suit?
  2. Who plays god in the crosswalk? The moral dilemma of digital certitude and self driving cars.
  3. Costco releases 27 lb Mac and Cheese Bucket. To go with the 50 gallon drum of chili? Help.
  4. Go Gramma! Arrested for drinking wine from Pringles can on scooter in Walmart’s Parking lot. Cheers!
  5. You have your poodle, I have my Alli! We asses comfort animals, and their owner, who run wild.
  6. Long road to a scam: travel insurance on Everest? Why it pays not to underpay your sherpa.
  7. Tutors for your E-Games. Because, hey, we’re not spending enough time on FortNite already.
  8. Choose your own adventure goes Audible. Hey Alexa, how about a new business platform.
  9. Screens become virtual try-ons. A/R and V/R’s hidden value is real world situational learning.
  10. Get me Outta here! Digital Breakups! Meet by the phone, why not die by the phone.

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