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23TH August 2019

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I just returned from the studio at Gregory FCA; what’s going on there is pretty cool IMHO.

We’ve been developing a show based on a simple (we thought!) premise. That being this; society would be a bit better if we could prepare and eat healthy meals, spend time at the table or the firepit catching up, and debating the topics of the day armed with information and opinions, but devoid of animus. It’s the animus thing that ruins everything, and really should not crop up just because of a differing opinion.

Culturally, we’re all looking at the same stuff. We’re just seeing something different.

Some things seem normal to one, offensive to another. Legal to one, verboten to the rest. Worth trying to one, taboo to the others. The difference in opinion is often based on when you were born, how you grew up, and what you were taught about the world. As the world changes, we grapple to make sense of it, and reconcile it to what we thought we had figured out.

One way to better grasp the problems of the world might be by sitting around a table and talking about them.

Years ago, Billy Joel captured the major images, events, and personalities of a half-century in a three-minute song…. It was pure information overload, a song that assumed we knew exactly what he was singing about…What was truly alarming was the realization that we, the listeners, for the most part understood the references. That song ended in 1989, with China under martial law… and the past 30 years have moved at a faster pace. Every time we think we have something figured out, we have to wait for the other shoe to drop. Beneath these cultural shifts lie true opportunity, as worlds collide and long held conventions disintegrate. Paper for cloud documents. Voice calls for text. Magazines for the internet. Network news for social media feeds. Assembly lines for self driving cars. Taxi cabs for Uber. Hotels for AirBnB. Grocery lists, recipe books, intercoms, radios and thermometers exchanged for Alexa.

It’s a lot to talk about! So we have been pitting the four major generations against each other in conversation; (per iGen, the new book by Jean Twenge) ; Boomers (1946-1963), Generation X (1965-1980), Millennials (1981-1986), and iGens (1995-2010). It’s actually been great fun debating the opportunities and failures that inevitably come with changing times.

And it looks like we’ll have no shortage of material in the foreseeable future!


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