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11TH November 2022

Miles of Movies - What to Watch

Miles of Movies- Three shows to see in November

What are we going to watch tonight? That question haunts so many couches, divides so many couples, splits apart so many families… Ok, maybe it isn’t that bad, but the data shows we spend >9 minutes scrolling through 450+ titles each night before capitulating to watch Friends, or Sex and the City. Literally, its Limited Attention Span Theatre, circa 2022. The problem is wayyyy too familiar.

So I thought there would be a lot more household harmony if someone would just come up with an app that used friend’s video recommendations (not text, you Tomatoes) to find new shows across all platforms (not just Netflix suggesting more Netflix TYVM).

And then I found Reelay, (erm, they found me actually). I am a big supporter (disclosure) and also their biggest fan. With hardly any work, I routinely discover excellent entertainment ideas from friends, tee up Trailers to the big screen Mirroring my phone, and make our final choice … before I lose everyone to iPads. So here’s the gems that I got from Reelay this month.

For Solo Night –
For Date Night –
The Bear
For Family Night –
Greatest Showman
Echowood on Reelay

Some of these are my Reelays, some are from friends I follow. For More, Download the app here. Follow @echowood to start… he’s fire. I’m MilesofMovies TYVM.

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