Friends > Algos. Best Actor should go to Austin Butler

Friends > Algos. Best Actor should go to Austin Butler

As we approach the 94th Academy Awards, the debate over who should be allowed to vote for the winners rages on. While some argue that the public should have a say in who takes home the coveted statuettes, the fact remains that only members of the Academy are allowed to vote.

One of the primary reasons for this is to ensure that the voting process remains “fair and unbiased”… though I hear from Hollywood insiders that millions are spent lobbying on behalf of the stars and the titles. The Academy is made up of industry professionals who have a deep understanding of the art and craft of filmmaking. They are able to evaluate each nominee on its own merits, without the influence of popular opinion or outside factors.

There are several other options for fans to voice their opinions about Oscar nominees, mostly text based or in the TikTok jungle, but I submit one of the best ways is a Reelay video.

DraftKing will also take bets on Oscar winners… and another option for fans is to participate in various Oscar prediction contests and polls that are hosted by media outlets and entertainment websites.

Here are my Reelays on the main Oscar categories. If you are passionate about entertainment and hate wasting time on the couch, the Reelay app can be downloaded on IoS here. Sorry, Android is on waitlist.


Oscar Best Actor should go to Austin Butler.

Oscar Best Film; Everything!


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