Reelay Watchlists for Movie Night / My Profile

too many platform, too little time

Reelay Watchlists for Movie Night / My Profile

Movies have always been a fascinating form of entertainment and Hollywood has tossed billions to churn out great storytelling and stunning visuals. But with the billion$ comes an abundance of films each year and a myriad of streaming platforms available to see them on… it can be overwhelming to decide what to watch.

Last I heard there were 858,000 streaming choices and the average person spends… 22 minutes looking for a show.

I used to just give up. Until we discovered a simple solution…

My buddy Hollywood Scott and I have been supporting an app that simplifies the movie-watching experience and helps me discover the perfect film for tonight. Now, Reelay’s movie watchlist has become my go-to tool for exploring, organizing, and selecting movies from various streaming platforms.

Today, the Reelay lists feature came out. Here’s my profile with all the movies I’ve reviewed on Reelay; MilesofMovies.

I mentor two kids and several entrepreneurs. Similarities are coincidental.