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23TH March 2023

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Growth Rules

I was listening to Chamath, the great Facebook growth officer on his basic tenets of “just figuring things out”.

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09TH March 2023

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Tik Tok banned in Canada, eh?

Recently, the Canadian government made the decision to ban the popular social media app TikTok from all government-owned phones. As of 2021, there were approximately 290,000 employees working in the federal government of Canada, including departments, agencies, and Crown corporations which is less than 1% of the total population. While the reasons for this ban may not be entirely clear, It did get me thinking… The first reason is related to concerns around data privacy and security. As a Chinese-owned company, TikTok has faced criticism from some quarters for its handling of user data. In particular, there have been concerns that the Chinese government could use the app to gather information on Canadian citizens and government officials. No brainer. They do. Secondly, there have been concerns about the spread of […]

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27TH February 2023

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Communications is about the Receiver

Communications is about the receiver. Remember that.

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15TH February 2023

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Something he’ll never have…

A few days ago, Kevin O’Leary tweeted this; And Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 came to mind… “I have something he’ll never have… enough”. O’Leary’s perspective on life is dismal, and almost dangerous as he is watched and followed by so many. Pursuing money as the North Star of a life creates a self-imposed prison. A life wholly constrained by the driving force to acquire more, and more, and more. Moreover, success is not indistinguishable from more, and integrity will be compromised when there is no distinction. Taking money in the pursuit of more often sacrifices a higher form of wealth, such as relationships or experiences. Watch him here defending- still- FTX on CNBC. Wealth works like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, where money is the most basic type of wealth, and other […]

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08TH November 2020

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Hang on, Whitey. Whitey hang on.

Ok, that just happened. It’s like we’ve all been watching this intrepid surfer, up high on the board, whooping for the crowds, showing his tan on a remarkable ride… that lasted four years by last count. And that ride is now likely over, but the wave beneath is much bigger than the surfer himself. And this wave will be with us for awhile; it’s called White Extinction Anxiety. I grew up marginally upwardly middle class in Allegheny County, PA. Yes, that Allegheny County, where we seem to count a little slower… when it counts. We were white- my team mates from Little League Champs Robert’s Oil, my hunting camp family in Pennsyl-tucky (aka Clearfield, PA), my Brighton Township Bears Pop Warner football team, my family reunions of the OG Miles […]

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10TH May 2019

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Introducing Incredulous… a little show about cultural shifts, discomfort and opportunity.

Over the past few months, I’ve worked with the best PR firm in the nation, Gregory FCA, to develop something we talk about at the dinner table each night. Incredulous is about culture, emerging trends, generational conflict… and some damn silly stuff we get upset about. Sometimes it’s an opportunity. Other times, it’s just something to laugh about. In this flight… For Boomers, the party never ends! Jimmy Buffett opening a Retirement Home Erasing History at Washington & Lee. Is that really what we want to do? Sign of the Times; Giuliani Gets Booed at Yankee Stadium Duh! English Teacher Corrects White House Letter Trumped; Social Media more powerful than White House visit. Teach your parents well. Mom Fired For Kid’s Instagram Antics FOMO built this. Beanie Babies Empire won’t […]

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07TH March 2019

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Update on the Devils Lettuce

The NY Times had a recent feature on the family behind Charlotte’s Web. Yes, a family story, about the family business. It’s truly amazing how legitimized the industry is becoming, while Opioids have become the pain management whipping boy – this Samantha Bee takedown is epic, and hilarious. I’ve watched from a distance as the cannabis market has growth it’s way across the US and Canada. Well, actually, Canada is totally covered at this point. And it looks like the states are smelling the tax revenue. (I have one CBD investment I manage, and no relationship with the substance in question). I’m not sure where all the health concerns, gateway arguments, and the like pan out, but I’m fascinated by the history of cannabis and the US. I’ also rewarded […]

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20TH September 2018

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Closing? Should be called Opening…

Closing is the most worst name in the financing dictionary. I know, it’s the day or week when money changes hands. Back in the day, Wall Street-ers would hold a dinner and, after the wire went out (or came it) at 4:31pm everyone would head to the bar to celebrate. But the world of start ups, and start up financing is so different! Funnel andĀ Filter – for years, I have had the good fortune of a funnel of opportunities that keep coming my way, and I’m very grateful for every one. I’ve always followed the lead of [Bear Bryant from this epic post]- be nice, be helpful, and be quick about it. When it’s time to apply the filter, I stick to a couple of basic theses described on the […]

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06TH January 2018

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Fire and Fury? Well, Havana’s safe as ever, guys. (IMHO)

I don’t know much about the current book dominating the headlines, except for how it applies to my personal experience in Cuba. Last year, much was made about travel to Cuba being suddenly suspect or dangerous. With nearly a year to look back now, I see a few main themes that may explain 2017: Roll back on any Obama initiative one can find. Lob an unprovable grenade as justification. Even though “Sonic Attacks” sounds more like “Remember the Maine” each day, it got the job – confusion- done well. Exert pressure on Havana citizens by closing the US Embassy and closing off visa applications. This isn’t much fun. Poke the Cuban Military by blacklisting hotels and travel business they control. Since the State Department published it’s “no-go” list in November, […]

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20TH November 2017

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Vaux Founder Profile- Theresa Claire of “Mixed Emotions”

Today, I couldn’t be happier to feature Theresa Claire, Founder of the Mixed Emotions Game. In her first pitch to me, even on the first slide, she told me all the reasons I should not get involved… I’m a solo entrepreneur- and Mom! I’m not the first mover. I don’t have a PhD. to my name. I need a side hustle to make this all work. To which I responded; so what. I tested the game with my kids, their friends, their parents, their teachers… and it totally rocked! Which is not the first reaction you would expect when discussing the subject of card games that teach kids emotional awareness. But here we are, launching a Kickstarter less than a month later and crushing it on social media. Because it […]

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