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25TH October 2017

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Founder Profiles: Alicia Aloe of Open Angler

  (Charleston, SC) Here’s another profile of one of the talented CEO’s I get to work with regularly, Alicia Aloe from Open Angler. Open Angler is the fastest growing platform for fisherman, captains, and marinas to easily book boat time. Think Open table for fishing trips… or as I like to say, it makes better fish tales easier to tell. Anyways, I love Alicia’s tenacity and ability to focus, which really comes through in this interview. Question One: An Entrepreneurs DNA Miles: Alicia, tell me about your entrepreneurial DNA. How did you, growing up, become influenced to someday want to start running a business? Alicia: I think that it’s the only experience that I could ever imagine for myself. I don’t know if this was born or bred into, but I definitely came from two hard-working […]

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19TH February 2016

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Great Fishing Stories, On Demand

I used to fish with my Grandfather in the pond next to his house on Woodbine Drive in Barberton, OH. He was so popular in the neighborhood because he knew all the best fishing holes, and when to hit them. I literally had to fight for a spot on his trips, and I was family! And that’s the issue with fishing these days; all the best anglers know the best spots, and if you want to get a seat on their boat, you had better know someone. Conversely, boat captains are notoriously bad at managing their inventory (of days), preferring to work with tools from Granpa Mike’s era. Not unlike restaurant owners with their tables, before Open Table ushered in a new way of business. But what if there was […]

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