I’m a fairly normal guy from Pittsburgh that strayed a long way from home. I’ve been a mentor of tech founders for 30 years, and a father of kids for 11. The similarities are remarkable.

My day job has been to help create over 1,100 jobs while founding, financing, building and exiting three digital media companies. Prior to that, I was a Venture Principal at Capital Express (register.com), hosted MoneyHunt on PBS (pre- SharkTank), led over 1,500 people across 14 miles of open sea on kayak, and trekked 1,100 miles through the deserts of Saudi, Jordan and Syria. After a bit of a pandemic reset, I’m  now actively investing and directly managing teams in digital media, entertainment, and consumer products. And painting watercolors with my daughter or playing rugby with my son.

Oh, and sometimes friends have to interpret for my special type of English. That’s it, up to now.

Lawyers suggest a legal disclaimer, so here’s mine: every thought on this blog is my own, I’m responsible for what I say, when I say it, and reserve the right to clarify and correct. I own all errors, gauche comments, TMI’s, curses, and attempts at humor. Mistakes are my own and my fault. If you smile during your visit to this blog, give me credit, or at least a break next time we meet. None of this is to be taken as legal, financial, accounting, investment, tax, or any other kind of regulated advice.