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19TH July 2019

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Incredulous #6; Mom fired for Kid’s Insta Antics

  Influencers seem to be on the downslide, and this edge case got my attention. The kid was obnoxious. She shouldn’t be on Insta. I’m sorry her Mom got fired, but she’ll have more time for parenting… Hey! If you liked that, you may like the next one:  A long time ago, someone saved up for their kids college… by investing in a no-lose asset class of the 90’s… we check in because, well, now maybe Beanie Babies Empire won’t pay for college If you like what you see, add your thoughts for an Incredulous episode here;    

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12TH July 2019

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You can take the boy out of the neighborhood, but never the neighborhood out of the boy…

My boyhood home recently came up for sale. That would be 113 Windy Ghoul Drive in Beaver, PA. Flipping through the pics- which show a house virtually untouched (!) since we sold it in 1974- I was reminded of how much an impact my neighborhood had on me. I could see my bedroom, and the front yard where I played endless baseball. I could see the pool where we swam until our fingers looked like raisins. The wall where my Mom’s lilacs framed the garden that provided us with so many fresh vegetables. The terraced lawns my dad loved and I despised, because half my allowance was dependent on mowing the eastern quarter. The roof where we climbed and played tag. The piano room where my sisters practiced endlessly (and […]

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Is Shark Tank “Real” Enough

It’s been 20 years since I was in the studio for MoneyHunt; not a week passes without the same question… “is that like Shark Tank (previously, Dragon’s Den). I explain the similarities, and the differences, and conclude… all that is worth, like, one Chai Latte at Starbucks, give or take. On MoneyHunt, we were nuts enough to write the check on the air. No broken deals, no weaseling out of agreements on arcane terms. We considered it a cost of business, and didn’ [...]

Incredulous #5; White House no longer “that important”

  Mr. President; We respectfully decline your kind invitation because… it’s just no longer *that* important we show up at the White House now that we have social media to reach our fanbase. So said LeBron and Steph last year, or something like that… Any bets for this time around?   Hey! If you liked that, you may like the next one:  Some snotty little kid made poor choices on social media… and got Mom Fired For her Instagram Antics Or, check out all the Incred [...]

24TH May 2019

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Incredulous #4; White House letter graded by Elementary Teacher: F-

Dear Mr. President; does sloppy spelling lead to sloppy leadership? Maybe. Maybe not. But I got a kick out of one teacher who, after receiving a response from Pennsylvania Avenue, took her red marker out and cut the letter to shreds. She was pretty funny about it. It doesn’t take that much to get it right. ( I hope this post is spell checked!)   Hey! If you liked that, you may like the next one:  Note; I’m not picking on the President today but here’s an example of  Social Media being more powerful than a White House visit. Or, check out all the Incredulous episodes here… For Boomers, the party never ends! Jimmy Buffett opening a Retirement Home Erasing History at Washington & Lee. Is that really what we […]

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