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20TH June 2019

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Is Shark Tank “Real” Enough

It’s been 20 years since I was in the studio for MoneyHunt; not a week passes without the same question… “is that like Shark Tank (previously, Dragon’s Den). I explain the similarities, and the differences, and conclude… all that is worth, like, one Chai Latte at Starbucks, give or take. On MoneyHunt, we were nuts enough to write the check on the air. No broken deals, no weaseling out of agreements on arcane terms. We considered it a cost of business, and didn’t expect much from the outcomes (our expectations were met!). But we did a whale of a job marketing our little VC fund, a seminal outperformer in the dot.com rush. So what people ask me about SharkTank is this: Do they really do what they say they do?  […]

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04TH June 2019

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Incredulous #5; White House no longer “that important”

  Mr. President; We respectfully decline your kind invitation because… it’s just no longer *that* important we show up at the White House now that we have social media to reach our fanbase. So said LeBron and Steph last year, or something like that… Any bets for this time around?   Hey! If you liked that, you may like the next one:  Some snotty little kid made poor choices on social media… and got Mom Fired For her Instagram Antics Or, check out all the Incredulous episodes here… For Boomers, the party never ends! Jimmy Buffett opening a Retirement Home Erasing History at Washington & Lee. Is that really what we want to do? Sign of the Times; Giuliani Gets Booed at Yankee Stadium Duh! English Teacher Corrects White House Letter […]

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Is Shark Tank “Real” Enough

June 20, 2019

Incredulous #4; White House letter graded by Elementary Teacher: F-

Dear Mr. President; does sloppy spelling lead to sloppy leadership? Maybe. Maybe not. But I got a kick out of one teacher who, after receiving a response from Pennsylvania Avenue, took her red marker out and cut the letter to shreds. She was pretty funny about it. It doesn’t take that much to get it right. ( I hope this post is spell checked!)   Hey! If you liked that, you may like the next one:  Note; I’m not picking on the President today but here’s an example of  Soci [...]

Old. White. Male.

I think this will become the pejorative term of the 2020 election, if not commentary on our shifting cultural landscape itself. Outside of tech, finance, and maybe horse racing, is it possible for an Old White Male to “get it” anymore? Can they even see, let alone appreciate the needs and aspirations of the rising younger masses? Can they be trusted to represent the interests of the nation’s growing youth, let alone how they think and what they prioritize? The difference may li [...]

20TH May 2019

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Hold my Beer #7- Riley Howell

Look, I don’t even know if Riley Howell would have a beer. But his actions inspired me to add to this collection of courageous people. He was exactly what the moment needed, even if that moment meant it was one of his last. In an alert that flashed across computer and phone screens all over the UNC- Charlotte campus, the instructions were spare but urgent: “Run, Hide, Fight. Secure yourself immediately.” Riley had everything to lose; a long future, a wonderful relationship, friends, family. There’s no way to know what went through his mind. No way to know if he paused and asked “why me? why now?”. He tackled the gunman and curtailed the carnage that was about to ensue. However it came down, the result was embodied in the […]

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