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21TH May 2019

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Old. White. Male.

I think this will become the pejorative term of the 2020 election, if not commentary on our shifting cultural landscape itself. Outside of tech, finance, and maybe horse racing, is it possible for an Old White Male to “get it” anymore? Can they even see, let alone appreciate the needs and aspirations of the rising younger masses? Can they be trusted to represent the interests of the nation’s growing youth, let alone how they think and what they prioritize? The difference may lie in maintaining a youthful outlook. When I look at some of the current front runners in the US 2020 race, I see an average age of 77. You can add Congresspersons Pelosi (79) and McConnell (77) to this list of “spring chickens- not”. Bernie Sanders – (77) […]

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20TH May 2019

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Hold my Beer #7- Riley Howell

Look, I don’t even know if Riley Howell would have a beer. But his actions inspired me to add to this collection of courageous people. He was exactly what the moment needed, even if that moment meant it was one of his last. In an alert that flashed across computer and phone screens all over the UNC- Charlotte campus, the instructions were spare but urgent: “Run, Hide, Fight. Secure yourself immediately.” Riley had everything to lose; a long future, a wonderful relationship, friends, family. There’s no way to know what went through his mind. No way to know if he paused and asked “why me? why now?”. He tackled the gunman and curtailed the carnage that was about to ensue. However it came down, the result was embodied in the […]

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Incredulous #3; America’s Mayor Booed in his own Hometown

Rudy! Rudy! Mayor Giuliani was a hero of 9/11 for just being there, for the country, answering question, and getting things done. He was adored at Yankee stadium then. But lately, working for a new boss on assignments that seem, well, a little out of touch, Rudy got a very different welcome: the dreaded Bronx Cheer. What changed?   Hey! If you liked that, you may like the next one:  Where an elementary teacher corrects a White House letter. Basically, an F. Or, check em all out here. For B [...]

Incredulous #2; On General Lee

Erasing History at Washington & Lee is about a West Point graduate, Lincoln’s first pick for the Union Army, and a soldier who refused to fire upon his neighbors. One of the great military leaders of our country, but he actually led the Confederate Army; General Robert E. Lee. Is erasing that history really what we want to do?     Hey! If you liked that, you may like the next one:  Sign of the Times; I will never forget Rudy, having walked all the way to City Hall on 9/11 t [...]

10TH May 2019

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Introducing Incredulous… a little show about cultural shifts, discomfort and opportunity.

Over the past few months, I’ve worked with the best PR firm in the nation, Gregory FCA, to develop something we talk about at the dinner table each night. Incredulous is about culture, emerging trends, generational conflict… and some damn silly stuff we get upset about. Sometimes it’s an opportunity. Other times, it’s just something to laugh about. In this flight… For Boomers, the party never ends! Jimmy Buffett opening a Retirement Home Erasing History at Washington & Lee. Is that really what we want to do? Sign of the Times; Giuliani Gets Booed at Yankee Stadium Duh! English Teacher Corrects White House Letter Trumped; Social Media more powerful than White House visit. Teach your parents well. Mom Fired For Kid’s Instagram Antics FOMO built this. Beanie Babies Empire won’t […]

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