My Buddies from the Future, Snoops

My Buddies from the Future, Snoops

Ok, most of my jeans are cuffed and I often show off some hot socks or bare ankles, depending on the season. Where did that all come from? Well, I recently found out.

I have often said, when asked what I do, “I try to visit the future, and build what’s missing”. This ends up just confusing most people. And the fact I am more often wrong than right, statistically, doesn’t help much.

Artisanal/ they saw it long time ago...

Artisanal/ they saw it long time ago…

But recently, I was introduced to Lilly & the team at Fashion Snoops by a dear friend (I credit the connection to my two year old). I’m in heaven, up ’til now anyways. Snoops (it’s not just about fashion anymore- it’s cars, kids, sports, hotel lobbies) culls the inputs of hundreds of “snoops” spread across the globe, looking for trends in color, theme, mood and culture. Then they magically synthesize all the data into concrete recommendations that affect the designs of, well, billions of dollars of design decisions coming down the pipe. When you realize that a wrong decision in design can translate into $5M of unsold jeans… it adds up quickly, and boils down to legalized gambling with OPM!

It is mildly intimidating just to walk into the office with anything less than a stylish A-Game.

Somehow, they let me pass. And better than that, they let me keep coming back… and we worked on a most interesting transformation of the company. I’ve already seen on the edge of my comfort zone in stage, structure, and business model. We have assembled a team of A-Players, rewired processes to synthesize the bay area with the fashion alley, and are about to launch something truly unique.

As so many from LinkedIn noted (who reads all those canned notes- wow sorry), I was named Partner and Director of Strategy at Snoops. And you can bet we are hiring A Players so be in touch with recommendations to the most talented, stylish people you know.

I mentor two kids and several entrepreneurs. Similarities are coincidental.