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22TH March 2023

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Lonely by choice

Sometime I am asked where I get ideas, and how I choose to work on them.

I am not one to pile on.

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21TH March 2023


To Ship, on or before Death.

I’ve always been fascinated by Steve Jobs’ famous line, “death is the ultimate ship date,” which he uttered during his iconic graduation speech at Stanford University in 2005.

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Lonely by choice

March 22, 2023

Our Economy; Everything Everywhere All at Once

The movie Everything Everywhere All At Once won basically all the Oscars. It was, to be sure a good movie, but I had to watch it three times. [...]

SVB:”Be the first, be smarter, or cheat”.

Be the first, be smarter, or cheat"... Peter Thiel and consorts perfectly applied John Tuld's (Jeremy Irons in the 2011 movie Margin Call) mantra as SVB went down. [...]

16TH March 2023

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New Podcast from my Son

With his consent, I am proud to announce my son busted out with his new podcast on Spotify with an interview of Jamie Darnow from Island Fin Poke. I don’t know where he gets some of this stuff… Please have a listen with your morning coffee, and tell him what you think in the comments (his).

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