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21TH March 2018


What makes you *Incredulous*

We’ve all been there. Boomers seething at snowflake’s latest behavioral flaw. Millennials lamenting why Gen-X ruined it for them. Blue versus Red. Big Ten vs. SEC. Cats and Dogs sleeping together (that’s Venkman, of Ghostbusters-I).

While a lot of this stuff seems hard to believe- Incredulous even-  if you look hard enough (and hold your nose) you may see the emergence of new cultural trends, some of which can become waves to surf a startup on. Others.. are just damn funny. Some are both.

So with the team at Gregory FCA, we started cataloging them on video. You can peek down the rabbit hole at all of them here.

And, next time you just can’t stand it anymore, add to *Incredulous* …



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