I believe in Spring

I believe in Spring

I believe in Springtime,

I was raised Christian, and I was steeped in the belief that Jesus was a really good guy who was put to a bad death. Really bad.  His resurrection could have been physical or metaphysical, but a few thousand years on we still remember his ways. One of his lessons was renewal, and Springtime is a great reminder that is possible. 

Springtime is a time when nature comes back to life after a long winter sleep. The trees start to bud, flowers start to bloom, and the air is filled with the sweet scent of new growth. My favorite flowers from childhood were lavender and lilacs which grew in the yard. And hyacinths on the table.

Pretty much everything, and everyone looks better in springtime. It’s a time when we can start fresh and let go of the past. We can set new goals, make new plans, and take action to create positive change. It’s a time when we can connect with others after being cooped up inside all winter, and finally get outside and enjoy the sunshine. We can spend time with friends and family, go on picnics, and enjoy all the other wonderful things that spring has to offer like walks in the forest or along the sea and baseball games with freshly cut grass.

Springtime also is a time for renewal because it’s a time when we can focus on our own personal growth. We can take classes or workshops to learn new skills or hobbies. We can read books or listen to podcasts that inspire us. We can take time for self-care and reflection.

Or, just paint flowers.


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Many of my watercolors are available, matted and framed, and shipped off by my son… in a store named, by coincidence, Miles Spencer Watercolor.




I mentor two kids and several entrepreneurs. Similarities are coincidental.