Hold my Beer / The Sikes Cannonball Wedding

Hold my Beer / The Sikes Cannonball Wedding

In West Virginia we would joke about shotgun weddings (can I still say that?). Well, my incredibly lucky friend had a Cape Cod Cannonball Wedding. Sadly, I had a conflict that weekend, and had to send regrets. But on the tenth anniversary of same, I have to share what I wrote them, then…

It is perhaps one of the great wedding shots of all time- up there with the infamous cut the dress pic from mine. But this, this was just beyond. Kudos Andree Kehn.

The cannonball is just leaving the frame, with the charred bride’s silk wrapped around it. Capt’n Sikes is resplendently absorbed in the moment and his champagne, and his new bride has not even had time to react to what just happened.

And by that, I mean the union not the cannonball.

I wish them all the best. To me, any couple that can take that picture has great things in store, and many more years of them.

I mentor two kids and several entrepreneurs. Similarities are coincidental.