I remember Sunday evenings like it was yesterday. Plenty of activities, a family dinner around the table, and then.. we would all gather to watch the Wonderful World of Disney.  I later learned, in the Neil Garber book on Disney, this was all shameless and un abashed promotion for his shows, parks, and all thinks Walt, but that’s ok. In these timeless lyrics from Disney’s “When You Wish Upon a Star,” we find the essence of the power of dreams, a sentiment that resonates equally with children and entrepreneurs alike.

“When you wish upon a star, Make no difference who you are, Anything your heart desires, Will come to you.”

For children, this verse encapsulates the magic of dreaming. It teaches them that regardless of who they are or where they come from, their dreams have the potential to shape their reality. It instills in them the belief that their deepest desires are attainable through the sheer power of their dreams.

Entrepreneurs, too, understand the significance of this message. They know that in the world of innovation and business, it doesn’t matter where you start; it’s the strength of your vision that propels you forward. Just as children are encouraged to dream without limits, entrepreneurs embrace the idea that their aspirations are boundless.

“If your heart is in your dream, No request is too extreme, When you wish upon a star, As dreamers do.”

Children are taught that dreaming with their whole heart is the key to realizing their desires. They discover that no dream is too ambitious or out of reach. This notion empowers them to dream audaciously, to reach for the stars, and to understand that the pursuit of their dreams is a journey worth taking.

Entrepreneurs can relate to this sentiment deeply. They know that their entrepreneurial journey demands wholehearted dedication to their vision. They understand that even the most audacious goals can be achieved if they commit themselves fully to the pursuit. In the business world, as in life, it’s the dreamers who dare to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

Fate is kind, She brings to those who love, The sweet fulfillment of Their secret longing.”

Children are encouraged to believe that the universe is kind to those who love and cherish their dreams. They come to understand that there’s something profoundly beautiful about nurturing their aspirations, and that doing so can lead to the fulfillment of their deepest desires.

Entrepreneurs can attest to the sweetness of seeing their dreams come to fruition. They realize that the journey may be filled with uncertainty and hard work, but it’s the love for their vision that sustains them. They discover that fate often rewards those who passionately pursue their dreams with dedication and determination.

Like a bolt out of the blue, Fate steps in and sees you through, When you wish upon a star, Your dream comes true.”

For children, this verse signifies the element of surprise and wonder that accompanies the realization of a dream. It teaches them that sometimes, dreams come true in the most unexpected and astonishing ways, like a bolt of lightning illuminating a dark sky.

Entrepreneurs have their share of unexpected breakthroughs and serendipitous moments. They understand that while hard work and planning are essential, there’s an element of unpredictability in the entrepreneurial journey. Just as children learn to embrace the magic of their dreams, entrepreneurs embrace the unexpected twists that can lead to the realization of their most ambitious visions.

I mentor two kids and several entrepreneurs. Similarities are coincidental.