Why do we embrace added challenges and costs instead of resisting them? Seems pretty straightforward to me;

Chaos and challenge give us purpose.

Purpose gives us pride.

Pride feels good.

People like to feel good.

All humans have this need. And recognizing that we have it is important – because either we choose our purpose, or a purpose will choose us. The Japanese call it Ikigai

Choosing Our Purpose

In the journey of life, we are often faced with choices. Some are easy, and others, not so much. One of these crucial choices revolves around purpose. Why do we choose to embrace challenges, to venture into the unknown, and to willingly shoulder added costs? The answer lies in the profound connection between chaos, challenge, and our innate human need for significance.

The Power of Purpose

Purpose is not merely a lofty concept; it’s the driving force that fuels our existence. It provides us with direction and meaning. When we embark on a path filled with challenges and uncertainties, it’s purpose that becomes our guiding star. And when we navigate through the chaos, confronting obstacles head-on, we derive a sense of pride that resonates deep within us.

The Human Need for Significance

As cognitive behavioral therapists would explain, this need for significance is embedded within our human nature. It’s a fundamental desire to feel that our lives matter, that our actions have an impact, and that our existence is meaningful. It’s a universal yearning that transcends culture, age, and circumstance.

When we willingly embrace challenges, we are essentially acknowledging and fulfilling this profound need for significance. It’s a recognition that we are not content with mere existence; we aspire to create a life that holds meaning and leaves a lasting legacy. Building a business or raising a family is a long-term application of purpose. If done correctly, the result is a lifetime of fulfillment and significance. It requires focus and determination. It is a journey that will inevitably present hardship and failure, with the opportunity to persevere and fight for success over many years.

Choosing or Being Chosen

In the grand tapestry of existence, we are faced with a pivotal choice. We can choose our purpose, define our own path, and chart the course of our lives. Alternatively, if we resist challenges and opt for a life of comfort and predictability, a purpose will choose us—a purpose that might not align with our true desires and aspirations.

Building a Business or Raising a Family

Consider the monumental undertakings of building a business or raising a family. These are not endeavors for the faint of heart; they are long-term applications of purpose. When done correctly, they offer a lifetime of fulfillment and significance.

However, they come with their share of challenges and costs. There are late nights, financial burdens, and countless setbacks. But it’s precisely these challenges that make the journey worthwhile. They are the trials that test our resolve and fortitude.

The Opportunity for Perseverance

In embracing challenges, we understand that hardship and failure are inevitable companions. Yet, these companions offer us an opportunity—the opportunity to persevere and to fight for success over many years. It’s in these moments of adversity that our purpose shines brightest. It’s where we discover the depths of our determination and the true extent of our capabilities.

In the end, the choice to embrace challenges, even when they come with added costs, is a choice for a life filled with purpose and significance. It’s a recognition that the path less traveled, though arduous, is often the one that leads to the most profound and fulfilling destinations. So, when faced with challenges, let’s not resist them but welcome them as opportunities to embrace our need for significance and create a life worth living.



I mentor two kids and several entrepreneurs. Similarities are coincidental.