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30TH April 2022

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Miles Spencer Watercolors Spring ’22 v1

Note; I began painting watercolors during lockdown, when a special friend gave me a set of Kai paints. I’ve painted nearly every day since. Recently someone else said they liked them because “it was like going to the south of France, for a moment”. We all need a little more of that, I think. These two people, basically my entire fanclub, encouraged me to share with others. Why not?

If you find the little faults like I do, just squint your eyes or look away.



The SNCF Train

A map of the most rewarding - stop for stop- train line in Europe

This simple, rusted out train map caught my eye on one of many trips along the line that serves Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Villefranche sur Mer, Beaulieu, Cap D’Ail, Roquebrun, Menton, Eze, Monaco and Ventimiglia (Italy). The names alone are right out of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the views from the seats (average cost $1.50) are right out of Catch a Thief. Oh, and they save hours of switchback driving on the treacherous corniches.



The VFSM Train Station

.The Station in Villfranche sur MerI have spent so little time at this station… and used it so much. It’s because the town is so close to the station, and the trains are so frequent, it’s like a personal coach service up and down the Riviera.






The Train from the Sea

As I mentioned, the train goes right by the Lido in some places, this being Villefranche sur Mer. I can’t help feeling a little uppity french saying the whole name, but there are other Villefranches in France, so the “sur Mer “part marks it as “by the sea”.




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