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27TH December 2020

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Adieu 2020

Egyptians wrote about passing, as if someone got off the Nile and passed into the reeds. The Nile was life. Anything afield was not. They lived within a mile of the water, and what was beyond the reeds remained a mystery to most. The Romans called it alleysium, as in Gladiator before battle “if you find yourself alone, riding in green fields, with the sun on your face, do not be troubled, for you are in Alysium, and already dead”. Even in a movie, chilling words. Homer referred to it as the Elysian plain…where life is easiest for men. No snow is there, nor heavy storm, nor ever rain, but ever does Ocean send up blasts of the shrill-blowing West Wind that they may give cooling to men. If death […]

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23TH April 2020

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Hair, in the time of Corona.

We didn’t have a cure for Corona. But it sure had a cure for us. It’s like we were all swimming nicely in warm waters… when suddenly the tide went out, and all of humanity’s stark realities were there on display for most anyone to see. Startling. Hair; We like it more than we knew I probably didn’t think much about hair before Corona. My Dad and Grandfather passed a full head on to me, though Vitalis is no longer on the grooming essentials list. On a regular basis- monthly I’d say- most of us had some version of this routine (for men- women please add steps as you see fit). Call ahead to salon (or spa, or barber, whichever), to see how busy they are. Maybe book a time […]

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09TH April 2020

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Shelter(ed) Day 8 – Back to Havana

Chapter 8 – Nicola’s Humidor Illustration- Jorge, the Humidor and the smoking room above the car garage Jorge had slipped back to his garage on Calle 21 without much trouble. He hadn’t seen the mobsters all day, and the agent from the Trop had been in the Riviera lobby — but so what: Havana was full of prying eyes. Sunset would be soon, so if he wanted to get back to “1957” by dark, he would have to hustle. He’d left enough clues for the Americans to pique their interest, should they want to team up in the future (or what constitutes the future).  Still, he didn’t want to move too fast, since they’d just “landed.” Most people took days to orient themselves to this new “time”, then they’d decide […]

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08TH April 2020

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Shelter(ed) Day 7- Back to Havana

Chapter 7 – The Bacardi Building Illustration- Nina & Pablo and car park outside the Bacardi Building- Ermitas Blanco Nina was thoroughly enjoying the ride into Old Havana — in so many ways.  In just 24 hours – or 60 years depending on how you look at it- Nina had fully accomplished the adventure she and Finn had set out to discover (and then some). She’d spent the night with someone who, as she’d tell her friends in New York, “gets me.” Pablo’s suave demeanor, “fix-it” resourcefulness and knowledge of architecture were such a turn-on. He danced like a gentleman,kissed like a gentleman … he was so much more than the “friend with benefits” arrangement she’d been settling for with Finn.   And Finn, being a gentleman as well, had let […]

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04TH April 2020

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Shelter(ed) Day 4- Back to Havana

Chapter 4- The Tropicana Tables Illustration by Ermitas Blanco- Action at table five. Havana, Cuba. Sal had been sitting at the bar for awhile, when Snowball finally joined him. The “Trop” was always slow as hell between when the showgirls ended their afternoon rehearsal and the Special guests began to arrive for late dinner. That suited Sal just fine. His investigative style was “laid back nice guy,” who preferred to chum up his marks and ply them with liquor or women, while getting more information than any waterboarding had ever managed to do.  He’d trained in Tampa directly under the head of the FBI Interrogation Unit before heading down to Havana on a minor assignment for the gaming commission. Turned out, he had Cuban roots in the family, but they […]

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02TH April 2020

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Shelter(ed) Day 2- Back to Havana

Chapter 2 – Go to what you Know Illustration- Nacionale entry- Ermitas Blanco Shot number three of Bacardi is even better than shots one and two, and the trio begins to feel loose enough to consider the fact that somehow, along the Malecon, that freak, giant wave has transported them back to [1957].  Pablo and Finn look around the veranda, feeling like they’re in some crazy dream.  Because there’s Edith Piaf in the corner, drinking coffee. Over there, Bogart and Bacall are quietly canoodling. A small string orchestra pauses, as the MC announces that a special guest has agreed to sing “The Sea and the Sand” for one of the celebrities in the audience celebrating a birthday. At that moment, Nat King Cole steps up to the microphone. It’s a […]

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01TH April 2020

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Shelter(ed) Day 1- Back to Havana

The last flight for Havana is 12:55 this afternoon, says the US Embassy alert. And so, for a time, the only way for Americans to visit Havana now is by fantasy, and time travel. One might argue, that was the best way all along. Here is the first of sixteen Chapters, written to cover the average Corona quarantine. Hopefully, it makes for a fun escape. It’s time travel historical fiction (think Midnight in Paris, for Havana) written shortly after being ushered out of the country for suspicion of assisting entrepreneurs. I hope you enjoy “Back to Havana”. I did help the entrepreneurs. Chapter 1- First Time in Havana? Illustration from Ermitas Blanco- ‘57 Chevy hit by Malecon Wave Finn and Nina (friends with benefits) decide on a weekend adventure and […]

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10TH March 2020


Back to Havana- Book One- TOC

Table of Contents Chapter [1]- First Time in Havana? Chapter [2]- Go to what you Know Chapter [3] – The Tesla Fuse  Chapter [4] – Tropicana Tables Chapter [5] – The Riviera Pool Chapter [6] – Information is Power Chapter [7] – The Bacardi Building Chapter [8] – Nicola’s Humidor Chapter [9] – For Whom the Bell Tolls- Not Chapter [10] – Dream a Little Dream of Me Chapter [11]- The Bet Chapter [12]- Grand Prix Build up] Chapter [13] – 100+ mph. Midnight. Havana Chapter [14]- Big Fish] Chapter [15]- And… they’re Off!] Chapter [16 – Jorge …no mas] Chapter [17]- Boss, It works.] Chapter [18]- Before the Music Stops ]

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10TH March 2020


Back to havana – List of Comic Illustrations

FWIW, Here is a list of the comic illustrations that the team in Havana has worked on for the past year (plus). They all correspond to specific action in the dialogue.  Flight Down Finn Shuffles Cards At the airport, they’re met by Pablo, an accomplished professor… Pablo is a master of architectural detail, pointing out the Spanish… …as close as a streetlamp. Suddenly, a giant wave disrupts… …dressed from a different era. Nina remarks that there must be… …so weird for the Malecon. They walk down the long palm-lined… …snap some shots with Pablo. Suddenly, a wiry young man… …two others in hot pursuit. He trips on the last step… …a taxi and yelling: “Solo vamos. en cualquier sitio… …party disappears into the hotel, she looks in her viewfinder and… […]

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23TH August 2019

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More from the Incredulous Studios

I just returned from the studio at Gregory FCA; what’s going on there is pretty cool IMHO. We’ve been developing a show based on a simple (we thought!) premise. That being this; society would be a bit better if we could prepare and eat healthy meals, spend time at the table or the firepit catching up, and debating the topics of the day armed with information and opinions, but devoid of animus. It’s the animus thing that ruins everything, and really should not crop up just because of a differing opinion. Culturally, we’re all looking at the same stuff. We’re just seeing something different. Some things seem normal to one, offensive to another. Legal to one, verboten to the rest. Worth trying to one, taboo to the others. The difference […]

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