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09TH November 2022

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Miles Spencer Watercolors Summer ’22

Note; I began painting watercolors during lockdown, when a special friend gave me a set of Kai paints. I’ve painted nearly every day since. Recently someone else said they liked them because “it was like going to the south of France, for a moment”. We all need a little more of that, I think. These two people, basically my entire fanclub, encouraged me to share with others. Why not?

If you find the little faults like I do, just squint your eyes or look away.


Miles Spencer watercolor. All rights reserved.. Cooling Off
Boulevard des Marinières, VFSM
It was a hot hot summer, everywhere. So much so that I found myself swimming 5-6 times a day. To wake up, after a walk, before lunch, after lunch, after dinner. This kid caught my attention, just walking along the wall in Villefranche until… weeee right into the sea.
Miles Spencer watercolor. All rights reservedFlying over to Walls Wharf
Brig 24 Honda 250
There’s a place in Long Island you can nearly see from Connecticut. Many people have stood on one shore and asked themselves… I wonder if I could… I have led over 1,000 people across by kayak, and more recently just a few by plain old swimming. This however, is just my son, on the escort boat, having a blast.
Miles Spencer watercolor. All rights reservedDiving Platform
Cap D’Antibes
There are quite a few places to jump in, around here. Quite. A. Few. This one was made famous by “the Murphy’s” who checked in to the Hotel du Cap and quickly made suntans an acceptable look in society. For the full, in fact checked story, see the Drivers in Tender is the Night..

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