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10TH November 2022

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Miles Spencer Watercolor Summer ‘22 v2

Note; I began painting watercolors during lockdown, when a special friend gave me a set of Kai paints. I’ve painted nearly every day since. Recently someone else said they liked them because “it was like going to the south of France, for a moment”. We all need a little more of that, I think. These two people, basically my entire fanclub, encouraged me to share with others. Why not? If you find the little faults like I do, just squint your eyes or look away. Thanks

Off Plage Passable
Copyright Miles Spencer.
All rights reserved.

We’ve had a great great fortune to tour around the Mediterranean sea with a good and great man. This was my first attempt from a boat, and I kinda liked it enough to give it as a gift. Boats cruising around these islands and inlets have become my favorite subject.





Actually, a Riva. Casting away at African Queen.

Underway. Overwhelmed.

Ok, this is what it looks like, in my mind’s eye, to be flying through a place called Isle de Lerins, off the coast of Cannes. Somewhat sacrilèges to be blowing through that beautiful channel at full throttle I know. But for the sake of art, I beg forgiveness.

Copyright Miles Spencer

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