Miles Spencer Watercolor v07.12.22 DeliBo Wall

Miles Spencer Watercolor v07.12.22 DeliBo Wall

Wall between the Train and the Lido

Just a wall, and some flowers.

Mauresque. Good night.

There’s this drink, popular on pétanque courts and degenerate Lidos, named after the Moors who plied these coasts 500 years ago. Try one… it takes about 500 years to recover.


Note; I began painting watercolors during lockdown, when a special friend gave me a set of Kai paints. I’ve painted nearly every day since. Recently someone else said they liked them because “it was like going to the south of France, for a moment”. We all need a little more of that, I think. These two people, basically my entire fanclub, encouraged me to share with others. Why not, I thought? If you find the little faults like I do, just squint your eyes or look away.


Copyright Miles Spencer, all rights reserved.

Many of my watercolors are available, matted and framed, and shipped off by my son… in a store named, by coincidence, Miles Spencer Watercolor.

I mentor two kids and several entrepreneurs. Similarities are coincidental.