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10TH November 2022

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Miles Spencer Watercolor, Summer 22 v3

Note; I began painting watercolors during lockdown, when a special friend gave me a set of Kai paints. I’ve painted nearly every day since. Recently someone else said they liked them because “it was like going to the south of France, for a moment”. We all need a little more of that, I think. These two people, basically my entire fanclub, encouraged me to share with others. Why not, I thought? If you find the little faults like I do, just squint your eyes or look away.

The launch at Paloma

Copyright Miles Spencer. 
All rights reserved.Is it all beaches and Lidos in this corner of the world? Kinda hard to argue otherwise. Paloma has such a combination of cafe, beach, chaises and moorings that you almost miss the view. Ok, not really.








Anao’ in Beaulieu sur Mer

Here’s another Lido not far from the prior. Actually, like a ten minute walk and not a step without a phenomenal view. The harbor is very protected, from everything but the trash and worse littered from mega yachts nearby. Thanks guys. Or should I say spasiba…







Passable, is much more than Passable.

Looking back toward Villefranche, there’s a hard-to-find Lido named Passable. The walkway there is almost im-passable… but I think the locals like it that way, because once you get there…Oh la la. We came by boat.



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