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23TH March 2013

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For Start -Ups, Use the ABC Rule

I use a mantra since Wadi Rumm called ABC- always be charging. It served me well in the desert, where power was precious and communication was crucial. At many times, we were several days ride from actual electrical power. But to us, the importance of blogging (and tracking!) our where-abouts were crucial to our state of mind, if not our well-being. There were times when the sun was high and the solar panel would do wonders for laptops, phones and PLB’s but we were so exhausted all we wanted to do was crawl under a rock (literally 15 degrees cooler) and sleep. But Mr. Jones would never let that pass, and soon neither would I. If a recharge is available and the next power is days away, plug in no matter what. This simple […]

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01TH March 2013

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On my Kindle: a few great books for entrepreneurs

My son stole my Kindle the other day and ordered a bunch of books because the button looked good. Not much more to add to that story, aside from he’s a digital maniac and I still like to read. So, I went back and looked at what I have read in the past decade and what stuck. As many of you know, I’m still not quite done with my college degree… but I’m still an enthusiastic learner and read a book or two a month. That’s a must-do for any leader who is looking to keep his mind fresh and his thoughts topical. But there are also some books that I constantly refer to, reread, and recommend. Some of them are great learning on outright effectiveness, others highlight specific processes, a few deal with […]

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08TH October 2012

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Entrepreneur… Templar?

We recently took an investment from an angel who was graduated Cambridge and shared this tidbit: One enterprising undergraduate examined the University statutes prior to an examination and discovered that all students sitting exams in full fusc are entitled to a glass of sherry. He demanded his due in the exam, and the University’s Proctors duly responded, before fining him one shilling for failing to wear his sword, allegedly also part of the archaic statutes.  The point he made was, he fully expected that if I ever sat for an exam again I would cite a medieval code, perhaps in Latin, to set the playing field in my favor. I laughed it off at the time as a Frasier-Crane like idiosyncratic remark. But it got me thinking… I have actually walked Temple Church in […]

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27TH September 2012

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Showtime! 5 Things Broadway might teach Entrepreneurs

I’ve spent a lot of time with a legendary Broadway producer, working on an epic project that has been documented before: A Line in the Sand. We’re still workin’ on it. The development process has been a pretty interesting study for me in how an entirely different species functions. In my travels for ALITS, we often were impressed not by the differences (between Islam and Christianity, between Americans and Arabs, between people with oil and people who buy oil) but by the similarities between.Well, taking a moment to think about it, I realized that based on what Nelle has taught me, Broadway and Silicon Alley have a lot to teach each other as well. Here are just a few of my favorites: It’s hard to make a living, it’s easier […]

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21TH October 2011

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And you? Kids? Insha’allah…

I was deep in the desert of Wadi Rum, sharing a pile of sand and a starry night while a curry dinner was cooking on the stove when our guide Saba began to talk of his family. These long treks were a good source of pay for him, but nothing could replace the feeling of wealth from  being back home, simple as it was, with his wife and three kids. He had seen more than anyone in his village (including two crazy American’s intent on trekking from Jeddah to Damascus) but nothing ever came close to the highest hierarchy of his family, his faith and his health. We met them later in the journey, and realized just how simple this truth was. Saba waxed as poetic as a hardened deserts guide […]

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23TH September 2011

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This is the Berlin Wall, and we are Moscow… UN’s 63rd Fall Session ushers in a new reality

The streets of new York City are clogged with tyrants, powerbrokers, divas and muses these days… and I don’t just mean Fashion Week! The Isle of Manhattan yields to the UN General Assembly’s Fall Gathering, and while I passively observe both, Melissa reminds me I am more useful commenting on the latter. I spend a fair amount of time and capital in my own quest to understand the Middle East, but it doesn’t take all that to know this week brings a seminal moment in our influence there… it’s a whole new ball game if you haven’t noticed. Wednesday’s Sarkozy rebuke of Obama was legendary, but Friday brings us the big squirm: the Palestinian quest for membership at the U.N is driving the US to the brink of sanity as throwing a veto on behalf of Israeli interests will surely off the […]

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05TH September 2011

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Seriously, Syria?

The beatings will continue until morale improves… That about sums up the Assad’s family strategy for dealing the outbreak of “Arab Spring” in Syrian towns as it continues into “who’s next to Fall, this Fall”.  I think it is a country worth keeping an eye on, though it is very difficult with limited social media permitted. Fellow Americans know so very little about the little country wedged between Lebanon and Iraq. I know just enough to be dangerous: my trek through the country with Tad Jones gave us a very unique perspective and continues to be the influence for our singular effort to inform our kin with our in-development play, A Line in the Sand. As we’ve said before, the region may look differently if TE Lawrence used twitter. We have tried piecing together Syria’s history […]

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04TH February 2011

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Pyramid Scheme: how mobile proliferation will rock our world beyond Cairo

Keops (aka Khufu) was built in the 4th Dynasty for the Pharaoh du jour. Messages carved in stone unanimously glorified the ruler and were hard to read. Oh what a difference 4,500 years can make. Tomorrow’s Egypt  is emerging 140 characters at a time, as cartouches have been traded for mobile phones and information is no longer the sole ward of the state. On my trip down the Nile awhile back, I was amazed to learn that controlled messaging dates back to Ramses III. They literally chiselled off hieroglyphs when power changed… and the new ruler appropriated the legends of his predecessors. No one dared challenge what was written in stone, as long as the Big Man had the muscle to enforce the message —  and the masons who chiseled them. Whispers of […]

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