FOA : Angel wrap up

FOA : Angel wrap up

While I’ve lived angel and start ups the last five years, and written about it for the FOA, this was the first panel I have actually hosted to talk about what I have learned. My mousetrap has served me well, and it was nice to be able to share it with other Family Offices.

Here are some of the questions from the panel, and for anyone considering angel:

  1. Angel takes money. How did you get the resources to start angel investing, and how did it affect your process?
  2. How do you (plan to) allocate to angel within your portfolio?
  3. How difficult is it to source, build, and realize value in angel while working alone in an SFO?
  4. Is it realistic to think you can deploy an angel strategy without having to “stomach a zero”?
  5. What domain expertise did you try to leverage with your angel?
  6. Are there any generational/legacy benefits to doing angel with family?
  7. Its seems as if small, active buddy groups do very well here. What are the key attributes of a group like that?
    • Consistent deal flow to build a portfolio
    • Ability to influence business direction
    • Ability to source additional funding as the company grows

And perhaps the most fun question of all: If you saw ten Zucks in the next five years, how would you play it?



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