Touchdown: Havana

Touchdown: Havana


And we’re back. I am circling above what amounts to a geo-political Jurassic Park, wondering what lies ahead upon landing in Havana. I’m here with the US State Department (as a non-employee) on their Delegation Tour for Tech and Infectious Diseases (viruses yes, but another kid). Immigration is not awful, and so the doors swing open and I am greeted by a thousand very curious faces. It seems like it will be a long way to Havana.

I hear the best five words in the english language at the time: Mr Spencer, come this way.

Whisked – and i do mean whisked- off to a reception at the US Special Interests Section (c’mon it’s really the Embassy), I get to meet everyone who will, perhaps without intent, make me a minor tech rock star in Havana for the next five days. And that’s the point I guess: Cuba is primed, and the US Interest Section is super dedicated to making the launch right. I’m one of many perhaps that they will treat as well. For once in my life, I feel my tax dollars well spent; from the Head of Special Interests on down, they did a great job tee-ing up the CAA Foundation to “who matters in Cuba”.

Tomorrow, I head into my Jurassic Park. But tonight I was safe. Except that Mojitos are crazy… I need to find the local beer.

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