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30TH June 2015


Ludwig: Oasis of Art in Havana

Scully Cuba April 2016-4397Thanks again to US Special Interests intro, I am sitting with one of only six permitted private foundations in Cuba: The Ludwig Foundation for Art. I was heads up enough to come bearing gifts- six complete artists kits with canvasses which were received with stunned surprise and gratitude. (there is no canvas, really, in Havana- I had brought gold to artists). That was a good start.

The Ludwig is so unique: founded and funded by a chocolatier and Cuban art lover, it has become a hub of art learning and expression in Havana. And somehow, it has a permit to do so from the Cuban Government. Like Jazz and Baseball, art is one of the few niches where Cubans have had some freedom to express their talents. With a cool location, and glorious building with sweeping views, the public spaces are not only glorious but also functional. Frequent conferences, classes, and openings are held in the space where this picture was taken.

Helmo, Wilfredo and Alvaro have a lot to be proud of. But like almost everyone in Havana, they suffer from lack of fiber: the nearest internet connection is at the El Prez Hotel down the street. Someday perhaps…

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