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06TH July 2015


Apple watch- Key Feature

Less Rude?

Less Rude?

Ok, the key feature of the apple watch is… It’s less rude.

People have been glancing at watches for centuries, and although it’s a tell, it’s nearly accepted body language for “I got only so much time here”. As a society, were over it.

What we’re not over, and what I consider rude as shit sometimes, is the “I’m not present with you, I am more with someone or something else out there look”.  You notice it before someone is diving into the digital prayer position. I am going to start walking out of the room in protest when people do that too much (fair warning).

The Applle watch only has a few functions: good voice to text, a way to pay, fitness tracking, email triage, and some decent reminders. So, anyone using it is back to the party shortly. And they can maintain some eye contact as well.

As such, I think it advances society slightly. Ever so slightly.


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