Great Fishing Stories, On Demand

Great Fishing Stories, On Demand

I used to fish with my Grandfather in the pond next to his house on Woodbine Drive in Barberton, OH. He was so popular in the neighborhood because he knew all the best fishing holes, and when to hit them. I literally had to fight for a spot on his trips, and I was family!

And that’s the issue with fishing these days; all the best anglers know the best spots, and if you want to get a seat on their boat,

Open Angler's platform

Open Angler’s platform

you had better know someone. Conversely, boat captains are notoriously bad at managing their inventory (of days), preferring to work with tools from Granpa Mike’s era. Not unlike restaurant owners with their tables, before Open Table ushered in a new way of business.

But what if there was Open Table for the best Fishing Captains? Yeah, what if.

I recently took a small investment in a great company from Charleston, SC called Open Angler. It is run by a(nother) great woman entrepreneur who once sold her business to… Open Table. When she settled in to Charleston she realized that captains and their boats had the same problems as restaurants and their tables: not always full. And so, Open Angler was born. Captains, marinas, and hotel concierges have all signed on in town, and fisherman like me are beginning to catch on. Try it out on your next trip to Charleston (what a town, BTW!). Tell them Granpa Mike sent you.


I mentor two kids and several entrepreneurs. Similarities are coincidental.