Havana-thon: Vamanos

Havana-thon: Vamanos


Donante Muro de la Fama !!! Jonathan Crystal // Third Eye Coaching // Drew Pizzo // Design- Alex B. // Adam Drake

My next Marathon (can’t believe I’m saying that) will be in Havana, to benefit Carmen & Ray’s kids. I stare at that sentence in sheer incredulity. But it’s true.

 As most of you know, the 501c3 previously known as KFAC has landed in Cuba and now helps entrepreneurs emerge from a myriad of challenges the scale of Jurassic Park.  I am proud to play a small part in helping this unique Latin community that has great culture, creativity, and work ethic. Havana is close to the US in so many ways: the 1.7M Cubans in the US represent 3.5% of the Hispanic Population, and 15% of total Cuban population.

On the personal front, my training has more-or-less continued since New York City a year ago. I have logged about 500 miles in the past 13 weeks on the “mean streets” of Greenwich. I expect to burn about 5,500 calories next Sunday, and perhaps my face because it will be 80f instead of the very training-friendly 45f here in Metro New York. My running mate Jono has promised to have a Cuban cigar and a ginger & rum at the finish line. I’ll just promise to try to keep up!

Carmen & Ray’s Kids support children in Cuba who are suffering from cancer. She was instrumental in bringing both Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul to Havana, believe it or not. She sells art donated by famous Cubans to fund her small operation. We can help her, big time, with just a little support. Please consider this my one charitable ask in 2016. You will receive a tax deduction letter.