Happy Collisions are actually a Developers Mantra

Happy Collisions are actually a Developers Mantra

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I don’t write about real estate much- I don’t invest there. But I wanted to write about Clay Fowler and Spinnaker, who have another project going up, along the I-95 corridor in Norwalk- you can’t miss it.

I completely love his philosophy of design and space, where he goes out of his way to encourage interesting, curious people from different walks of life to have space for “happy collisions” on a regular basis. I’ve lived and done business in his buildings- which have done a lot to make Sono the cool place it has been for… 20+ years. And each time I return there, I find something new and different. A bakery inspired by Martha’s kitchen. A pool table in the lobby of an office building. A rooftop with community gardens and a barbeque for hanging with neighbors. Real gyms you want to work out in. Real art you’d want to buy. Common tables in offices to grab a meal with a co-worker. Views of everything that’s right in Norwalk Harbor. His design team is exceptional in executing his vision, at least from a users persepctive.

None of it goes unappreciated. It makes living, and working pleasant, energizing, and stimulating. I’m sure there’s lot’s of grit and grief under the hood – it is real estate development in Southern Fairfield County after all- but the end product, the one I’ve seen and experienced, makes the world a better place.