Old. White. Male.

Old. White. Male.

Hi pops.

I think this will become the pejorative term of the 2020 election, if not commentary on our shifting cultural landscape itself.

Outside of tech, finance, and maybe horse racing, is it possible for an Old White Male to “get it” anymore? Can they even see, let alone appreciate the needs and aspirations of the rising younger masses? Can they be trusted to represent the interests of the nation’s growing youth, let alone how they think and what they prioritize? The difference may lie in maintaining a youthful outlook.

When I look at some of the current front runners in the US 2020 race, I see an average age of 77. You can add Congresspersons Pelosi (79) and McConnell (77) to this list of “spring chickens- not”.

  1. Bernie Sanders – (77)
  2. Joe Biden – (76)
  3. Mike Bloomberg  (77)

So I’m thinking the big questions, whether in governance, investing, or just getting along, are these; Will they be able to stay fresh with ideas that resonate? Will they make way for others who may be “in synch” with new ways of thinking, be it upward mobility, privacy, digital lifestyles or… what-evs. Will they quit clinging to power long past their due date? I just don’t really know, but maybe I’ve seen the future.

Check out what Cuba looks like, today… In Havana, there are 17 members of the Politburo, which is the highest governing body of the Communist Party. From the list below, the ranking members (except President Diaz Canel) are elderly members of the guerrilla army. Average age: 79.

  1. Raul Castro, First Sec, (87)
  2. Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, Second Sec., (88)
  3. Ramiro Valdes, (88)
  4. Miguel Diaz Canel,  Pres Council of Min (59)
  5. Leopoldo Cintra Frias, Min Def (77)
  6. Avelardo Lopez Miera,  Dep Min Def, (75)

And how did that clinging to power thing work out?

All one needs to do is take a short spin through Havana, and have one cup of Cuban Coffee at 304 O’Reilly and you get it; the growing youth are disconnected from the ruling elders. When those in power (white, male and old) lose touch with the mixed, youthful talent that they wish to govern, the youth vote with their feet. They leave because they can’t revolt… the military prevents that. Sure hope that can’t happen here!

Stay young my friends, it will serve you well.


I mentor two kids and several entrepreneurs. Similarities are coincidental.