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19TH September 2014

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Start up hack: Clothing

How to pronounce this?

How to pronounce this?

Uniqlo is a great start up hack: it like a closet in every major city that can make you look good, or at least warm for like… no money.

I first caught on in SoHo last winter, when I was freezing cold and spilled Starbucks on myself en route to an investor pitch. I ducked in, found a pull over and …problem solved.
But the cheap pullover was anything but cheap: I kept wearing it. And liking it . To the point where I went back. A lot.

They have these reasonably priced, well-made,  mildly stylish solutions for a lot of looks. I use their light down vests, their chinos, their linens shirts, and their swill overs in high rotation. (I am a step and repeat dresser- I find what I like and I stick to it)I love the heat tech t’s because I am always freezing in the summer a/c (but rarely it the winter). Lately, I have been commuting for 500 Start Ups, and the coldest winter I have every experienced has been an August in San Fran. There is simply no way to have enough warm things, and wet things, and sunny day things in one bag.

So, I pack light, and whenever I need a change of clothes, I hit the Uniqlo on Powell. Someone has really got it right. Kudos!


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