Jesse Fink tonight at Start Up Choate

Jesse Fink tonight at Start Up Choate

Tonight we host Jesse Fink, former COO of Priceline and Founder of Mission Point Capital, for the latest edition of our series of fireside chats. Jesse needs no introduction; his career arc was part of a plan, but by his own admission that “happened faster than expected”.

This will be our first event in our “home away from Wallingford”, the super start-up nexus known as Grand Central Tech run by Chalie Bonello and Matt Harrigan. Matter of fact, because of the overflow, it has been moved from the 2nd floor incubator up to the 16th floor co-work space called “Grow Grand Central Tech”, where companies land after completing their times on 2. We’ve just sent one of our Vaux portfolio companies, Bell Family, upstairs.

In the 18 months since inception, Start Up Choate has attracted ~500 alumni to our LinkedIn Group, hosted the same amount of people at a half-dozen live events around the country, seeded alum-related businesses with capital, and placed 14 young alumni in our intern program.

Hope to see you tonight. (note: this event is limited to Choate alums, students, parents, FOM and GCT companies).

Choate Football was 9-0 this year and beat Deerfield 45-0, BTW.



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