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01TH April 2016

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Grand Central Tech … ~3 years on

What A RUN.

A little less than three years ago I met Charlie Bonello and Matt Harrigan while they were cooking up an incubator at Regis on the UES. Their demo night was awesome, in a high school gym-cum-demo space kinda way. Fast forward two years and they are reviewing hundreds and hundreds of apps for their third class at Grand Central Tech. Many of the first two classes have not only added capital and jobs, but also solved real problems. And made Grand Central a hot spot for facial hair, rolled up jeans, tragically hip tech-sters all doing great things when they go to work.

They also hosted our Cuban Innovadores program, which continues this year, expanded for tech and fashion. And they host a bunch of Choate Alums who intern for the companies (and get muscled into hosting the Cubans a bit as well). The Innovadores Intern app is here, the Choate intern app is here BTW.

Impressive work ethic. And bar.

Impressive work ethic. And bar.

I am just BEYOND thrilled they have had me as part of their as a floating mentor, angel, “intern-ist”, and creator of out of the box programs like Innovadores. It says a lot for Charlie, Matt and Michael to let that sh*t happen. You should come join us.

To apply, visit the GCT page. and apply now.

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