Innovadores Foundation, not of Langley LOL

Innovadores Foundation, not of Langley LOL

Sometimes you hit it with a name. Often, you don’t.

After much thought, we decided to rename our recently named CAA Foundation as the “Innovadores Foundation” . This was to not to confuse ourselves further with the CIA when dealing with an island nation whose last fifty years were spent not exactly loving that branch of our government. Seems prudent, no?

We often would get looks in official meetings, and my partner John would spend too much time, in diplomatic Spanish, explaining the Choate T-Shirt of yesteryear to Cuban officials. My gaffes can be comical, in an idiotic kind of way. It kind of reminds me of when it took us eight years of paddling our kayaks south for KFAC that we got smart and paddled north into the greatest party of the summer.

Since rebranding, as Innovadores, we’ve been crushing it. Truth be told, we were nine months ahead of the curve. Next up:

  1. We met with and planned the future internship apps with our 2015 interns.
  2. One was with the First Lady this afternoon teaching her a few lessons!
  3. We re-launched the website and set the 2016 summer internship program in motion
  4. We also have the Spanish version up, as well as the simple version for low-bandwidth applications (
  5. We added a Fashion module to our internships, in partnership with Fashion Snoops
  6. We added our first employee, Jono Matusky, who will be on the ground in Havana beginning in April
  7. We are set for trips in April and early June to make our intern selection
I mentor two kids and several entrepreneurs. Similarities are coincidental.